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Cafe music playlists

The Cafe

Morning Chill Music
Playing a variety of Cafe inspired music. Mostly mellow, melodic morning chill music. 

Island music playlists

Island Vibes

Beach Inspired
Diverse playlists to match your island vibe. You'll find some rock reggae, electronic/house, and more.

Van Rock music playlists

Van Rock

Indie Rock +
Indie rock, American folk, blues rock. Great for road trips. California & van inspired. 

River vacation music playlists

River House

Classics to Chill Vibes
You'll find a variety of relaxing tracks here, good for sunny swim days and cold starry nights in the hot tub.

Workout yoga music playlists

Workout Liftoff

Playlists for Every Workout
Music to get your pump, yoga, cycle, running (and more) on.

lounge music playlists

HTR Lounge

An Eclectic Mix
Best choice for music discovery. If you appreciate music from a variety of genres the HTR Lounge is for you.

Recent Playlists

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Playlist: "Nonstop"

Station: Workout Liftoff (WL)

Great Hip Hop playlist for weightlifting. Some solid know tracks like Drake's Nonstop, and APESHIT by The Carters, but also some less played tracks like Shake Something by Louis The Child.

Tags: hip hop, rap


Playlist: "Loving is Easy"

Station: The Cafe (TC)

“Loving is Easy” is the title of this first Cafe playlist and incidentally follows a story of love, love lost, and love found again.

Tags: indie pop, indie rock, alternative rock, folk, rock


Playlist: “Every 1’s a Winner, Baby”

Station: Van Rock (VR)

Lots of indie gold here.

Tags: indie rock, indie folk, alternative, psychedelic rock, instrumental rock


Playlist: “Sound of the Sea”

Station: Island Vibes (IV)

Created this playlist for the mountain on a recent snowboarding trip, but definitely good for island/beach vibes. All from California, except for The Movement.

Tags: roots reggae, dub, jazz fusion, ska punk, reggae rock


Playlist: "Have a Little Shock Treatment"

Station: Van Rock (VR)

Blends the melodic styles of some some some unique rock bands from classic punk to modern indie rock. 

Tags: punk rock, pop punk, indie rock, shoegazing, glam rock, rock, blues rock, alternative

Featured Tracks

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Empire of The Sun


"And we all rise! From the shadows from the slumber sun rise. Each and everyone It’s gonna be alright. If we stick together for all time." A nice spring forward track. 

Playing on: HTR Lounge


The Vryll Society

Deep Blue Skies

Don't know too much about The Vryll Society other than they're from Manchester, and that they've got new music on the way.  Really digging this track!

Playing on: River House Daze


Rex Orange County

Loving is Easy

New track added to The Cafe. Sweet little music video too. 

Playing on: The Cafe


Ty Segall

Every 1's a Winner

New track added to AVR playlist, Episode #2.

Playing on: Van Rock


Big K.R.I.T.


Nice new track from Big K.R.I.T. added it to the new Boxing Workout playlist.

Playing on: HTR Lounge, Boxing Workout



Bedford Falls

Sampled from "It's a Wonderful Life" - 30 seconds in gives me chills. Here's to some Holiday vibes.

Playing on: HTR Lounge



6 Summers

Straight fire. Trump Shade. Anderson.Paak is out of Oxnard, CA.

Playing on: HTR Lounge



The Numbers: Jonny, Thom & a CR78

Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke just jamming outside.

Playing on: HTR Lounge