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Cafe music playlists

The Cafe

Morning Chill Music

Playing a variety of Cafe inspired music. Mostly mellow, melodic morning chill music. 

Island music playlists

Island Vibes

Beach Inspired

Diverse playlists to match your island vibe. You'll find some rock reggae, electronic/house, and more.

Van Rock music playlists

Van Rock

Indie Rock +

Indie rock, American folk, blues rock. Great for road trips. California & van inspired. 

River vacation music playlists

River House

Classics to Chill Vibes

You'll find a variety of relaxing tracks here, good for sunny swim days and cold starry nights in the hot tub.

Workout yoga music playlists

Workout Liftoff

Playlists for Every Workout

Music to get your pump, yoga, cycle, running (and more) on.

lounge music playlists

HTR Lounge

An Eclectic Mix

Best choice for music discovery. If you appreciate music from a variety of genres the HTR Lounge is for you.